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Don’t Let COVID-19 Meddle with Your Candidate Hiring. Hire Without Hassle.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Meddle with Your Candidate Hiring. Hire Without Hassle. - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog

Today, we’re living in uncertain times with COVID-19 disrupting our professional lives the way we know it. Various sectors across industries have seen their operations halted or affected in some way, and recruitment is definitely one that’s facing the brunt of the pandemic.

However, instead of panic and chalking out recruitment altogether, here’s what recruiters and employers should plan to keep their talent assessment process up and running.

Digitize Your Interviews

With social distancing being the buzz in the town and remote working the new norm, now is a great time to embrace virtual interviews and source candidates online.

While digital interviews aren’t a new thing, companies can use this worldwide outbreak to deter from the conventional process of face-to-face interaction and switch to a 1:1 video call/ conference interview. If you’re a recruiter who’s looking to hire candidates, you can leverage remote interviews to your advantage as the risk of contamination is zero from emails and phone calls.

For first-timers, recruiting online can be quite challenging, and this is where creating a checklist can come in handy. Here’s what you can follow during the interview phase:

Open communication – At every step of the process, you must make the candidate feel valued and give them the same warmth and comfort level as a real face-to-face interview.

A clear strategy – Before every interview, it’s essential that you are well-versed with the resume of the candidate so that you can ask relevant questions based on the experience they hold.

Reinforce employer brand – You can set a standard tone of de-briefing about the company’s expectations from the candidate before the onset of every interview. This helps in bringing clarity to the candidate and enables you to weed out performers who don’t show enough excitement about the job.

Following these guidelines can make interviewing a breezy task. All you need to do is pick the right resume to start. This is where technology and AI can jump in to contribute.

Role of AI in Helping Recruiters Pick the Right Resume

The advent of using AI to find high-quality matches in real-time is here. Here’s how artificial intelligence can play a role in providing the best potential candidates for your company –

Using machine learning to segregate resumes – Machine learning techniques can be utilized for pattern matching and finding the best and most appropriate candidates for a job.

AI for technical screening and evaluation – For a virtual event, the recruiting solution needs to be effective, and you can use AI to understand a candidate’s strengths by conducting online tests that can analyze your future candidate’s caliber.

Creating a database – As a candidate updates their skill set, you can deploy AI to recognize this change and recommend their profiles in the future.

How WeCP’s Virtual Walk-in Can Assist You in Hiring the Right Candidate

By now, you know how you can successfully tap into crème of crème resources through the digital medium. For a seamless hiring procedure, consider WeCP (We Create Problems) with Virtual Walk-in solutions that helps track and evaluate candidate’s performance on-time with features like –

Virtual Job Boards Entry and AI + Human Proctoring: Set up a job-board, and if you already have one, you can integrate it with WeCP’s dashboard for better results. To ensure fair selection, assign AI + Human proctor to every candidate who walk-in for the job.

Automated Candidate Introduction and Screening: The system allows for automatic submission of candidate’s details like resumes, and its online screening test ensures instant evaluation of candidates for the vacancy. The result? You get to shortlist top candidates with the maximum potential for the open position in no time!

Candidate Recommendations and Auto-invite through Remote Interview Software: Post evaluating the performance in the online test, you only get recommendations for strong candidates who possess top skills. With auto-invite sent to candidates, conduct a 1:1 remote interview once your candidate is ready.

Thus, during this challenging time conducting a virtual interview is a win-win for both you and the candidate. Using the right tools to your advantage can let you conduct assessments of the best candidates, and you might end up hiring people who can help your company soar to newer heights.

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