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Engineering Culture and Hiring at Facebook

When discussing engineering culture, it is vital to consider that no two companies will have a similar one. Even big names like Google and Facebook will have a distinct culture, which plays a vital role in the company’s growth.

The company’s engineering culture entails the behaviors and approach to guide it in its engineering efforts. For any IT company, its engineering culture focuses more on preserving its integrity than on writing code. And one such company that has created a brilliant engineering culture is Facebook.

The company has developed the right engineering culture through various factors. Let’s explore some things you’ll find in the culture that Facebook has developed.

What Makes Facebook's Engineering Culture the Best?

The transparent and open culture at Facebook assists developers in taking risks and trying out new things. As a result, it has allowed them to shape a defining engineering culture for the company. Let’s review a few other things that have helped Facebook’s culture.

Career Growth

The excellent prospects of career growth give it a competitive edge over other tech companies like Google. Engineers in Facebook are more likely to get a promotion faster compared to other companies.

The main reason is that Facebook allows engineers to experiment with new things. Moreover, the company has a strict policy for managers to assist and encourage employee growth.

Engineering Culture Management

Engineering management is another significant factor that has helped improve Facebook’s culture. Facebook expects engineering managers to focus more on constructive feedback to help the team grow.

They also want the managers to be more empathetic towards their team and try out new things to help them grow.  And as its employees continue to grow, Facebook can develop a more robust culture.

Business Focus

The discipline that the entire organization shows is simply unique. From high-end managers to low-end developers, everyone focuses on hitting pain points and cutting back on ideas that are dead ends, no matter how promising they sound.

Companies like Google might put their engineering teams’ effort into projects that could end up dead in a few years. But Facebook focuses on doing the right things that can help them grow. Thus, the company developed and fostered a unique culture.

Execution Speed

At Facebook, things are done at a fast pace, whether it is starting a new project or hiring professionals. The company’s approach towards quickly adapting to the requirements of personnel for a project helped them build a stronger culture.

It saves their engineering team from getting under too much pressure and helps them streamline their process. Therefore, the fast execution speed makes its engineering culture better.

Autonomy and Freedom

Lastly, the Facebook engineering culture makes its engineers more independent, which helps them make the best decisions. The autonomy and freedom give the engineers the confidence to work out the best possible solution independently. This freedom leads to faster results for various problems.

Facebook also gives managers the freedom to have constructive discussions with their teams. This allows the team to discuss their core problems and ensure there are no conflicts among individuals.

How Does The Hiring Process Of Facebook Contribute Towards its Engineering Culture?

Hiring plays a critical role in shaping any tech organization’s engineering culture. The right people in the company with a similar mindset can help the firm grow. The case is no different for Facebook, which has developed and streamlined its process for hiring the best employees.

Its process ensures that the company finds the right employees that will fit the company’s engineering culture well. The interview process of Facebook focuses on finding out the skill sets of the engineers. But that is not it since Facebook’s interview process also focuses on finding the right cultural fit.

Since Facebook has a massive user base, it needs to find employees that can fit well into its engineering culture. The company focuses more on candidates with the passion and innovation to thrive in its fast environment. So, if you want to join Facebook, these things are vital, along with excellent programming skills.

Besides the cultural fit, Facebook’s approach toward finding and hiring the proper talent focus on problem-solving skills. The company has a similar hiring process to Uber, which focuses on finding suitable candidates.

Takeaway: Engineering Culture At Facebook

One thing that sets Facebook apart from other tech giants is that the company does a thorough investigation when a project fails. They will find out each issue and reverse engineer the issue to see where the problems existed. After they find out the mistakes, the company encourages engineers to learn from them.

These things have fostered a healthy engineering culture at Facebook. A company like Facebook must maintain a positive engineering culture to ensure its engineers work without any issues. Since it caters to a massive user base, it cannot afford to see a disturbance with its engineering team.

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