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Five Must DOs for a Successful Remote Interview

Five Must DOs for a Successful Remote Interview - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog

If you’re a recruiter, you’d understand how important it is to fill skill gaps and also embrace newer technologies in your work. Using technology to hire has become a standard procedure of late, with recruiters relying on them for screening candidates, especially in the earlier stages of the virtual interview process.

However, before you set up a good online assessment tool for remote interviews, it’s essential to follow the right standards, which can help in getting better results for your hiring process, especially remotely. It sets up the candidate well with regards to their comfort levels, and this allows them to display their other facets easily.

Five guidelines to follow for an effective interview


Chalk out the process – Put together a solid plan on how you’d like the remote interviews to pan out. You need to choose the right recruitment software platform to interview and make a note of the information/procedure you’d like to follow on the interview day. These processes can involve sharing a screen for presentations, and more. The above step ensures you’re not just giving yourself a structure but also keeping the candidate up to speed on what they can expect. We’ve seen positive results when there is sync with a recruiter and candidate in communication; more often than not, the streamlining process can result in an upturn in the quality of interviews. After all, a better-prepared candidate will showcase their abilities better, and that’s what recruiters expect in an excellent interview!

Test equipment beforehand – You might think this is so obvious! But here’s a catch – many recruiters fail to check this apparent, but crucial step. You can never predict a power cut or a loss of internet connectivity, and just like every other procedure, having a backup plan is necessary. Before you start an interview, however, ensure you’ve done a few sample tests run to check for any technical glitch. This can help tackle any nuances you might face in the middle of assessing a candidate and work towards a smooth, transparent, and great interviewing process.

Facilitate a positive environment – When a candidate comes to interview, they might be nervous as they don’t know what to expect. Good candidates perform under pressure, but the key facet here is that it’s positive pressure. This means the environment brings out the best in the candidate, and this can be facilitated by you, the interviewer. Remember that virtual interviews can get cold and lead to a poor impression before you even knowing it! It’s important to make a comfortable environment for the candidate to help them open up more in the interview process and provide you with all the beefier information required for a great interview experience. You’ve to create a positive and friendly environment and take into consideration the fact that this is a remote interview. Get to know them better and break the ice before you get down to the meat of the assessment. By understanding them personally, you can also assess their personal qualities, which can help pre-screen candidates if they sync with your core company’s values and principles.

Prepare relevant questions and challenges – To conduct a skill test assessment, especially for a remote interview, means your virtual interview questions need to be on point. Each question you ask them in a test must contain value and provide an indication of their thinking and rationalizing ability. Skill assessment tests are the need of the hour and more so when you’re looking for a role that involves remote working and zeroes physical presence in your workplace. Ensure that you conduct assessments that can assess a candidate on the skills required to carry out the role expected from them.

Offer a sample test to candidates – Further, try the candidate out in a dummy “work environment.” Give them a few workplace challenges and scenarios and see how they react to the same. This can help you evaluate if the candidate has the desired talent to be a useful resource in the first place. If they perform positively in your talent assessment, it means they are the right fit, not just for the role, but also for the long-term success of the company.

Ready For Conducting Successful Interviews?

Good remote interviews not just accelerate the company’s growth and improve clients; they also widen the talent funnel and help source ideal candidates.

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