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G2 Fall Report 2021 – WeCP gains Momentum Leader in Technical Skills Screening

G2 Fall Report 2021 – WeCP gains Momentum Leader in Technical Skills Screening

Nothing is better than a happy customer! ❤️

Once again the love of our customers has won us awards in the G2 fall reports 2021. WeCP is named a “Momentum Leader” this fall in the technical skills screening category with people’s choice.

Also a "High Performer" in various categories 👇

Our customers love us and this is clearly shown by the love they shower upon us in the form of the reviews. Here are some of the accolades your reviews have won us:

  • High Performer – India

  • High Performer – Asia Pacific

  • High Performer – Asia

  • High Performer – Fall

  • High Performer – Mid-Market

According to G2, a “High Performer” has a high customer satisfaction ratio, which means WeCP is amazing to use, has the best support, and has the highest user adoption among enterprises. By awarding with these badges, G2 tells what exactly it is that our customers love about WeCP 👇

  • Easiest to do business with (Mid-Market)

  • Best Support (Mid-Market)

  • Fastest Implementation (Enterprise)

  • Highest User Adoption (Enterprise)

  • Best Support (Fall)


G2 considers 1-50 employees as a ” Small Business”, 51-1,000 employees as “Mid-Market”, 1,001+ employees as “Enterprise”.

G2 is an independent software review platform

These reviews come straight from users like you who have tried and tested WeCP for real-world tech hiring problems. Unfiltered. Unbiased. G2 aims to evaluate individual factors in a successful software purchase and highlight the leading product in every metric. Thereby, making it easier for you to find authentic peer reviews and avoid the risks of saas purchases.

Customers can review us on a variety of criteria like –

  • Satisfaction

  • Usability

  • Implementation

  • Relationship and more

You can also tell us our best features and areas to improve. So share with us because we are listening!


What do tech recruiters and hiring managers say about WeCP?


Thank you for being our constant support and motivation! ❤️

Onwards and upwards!

Kudos to the team our customers are cheering for. 👏

WeCP has accelerated this year because of the loving family that we are, passionate to make tech recruiting a better experience for you. We released a major product update this month, won a lot of badges in G2 summer reports, and got closer to making WeCP the #1 technical screening software.

Perks of using WeCP (If you aren't already)

✅ Reduces your time to hire by up to 90%

✅ Quick, easy, efficient, and intelligent solution to manual screening

✅ Enhances your candidate experience and makes the top candidates choose you

✅ The largest repository of over 0.2 M+ questions for 2,000 tech skills and job roles

✅ Create, customize and conduct assessments just in 5-10 minutes

✅ Automated evaluations not just on the right answers, but how do they approach a problem

✅ AI video proctoring, question shuffles, plagiarism checkers, custom branding, and more

✅ HD video interviewing with real-time pair-programming, IDE with IntelliSense, whiteboarding, and more

If you are a technical recruiter or an engineering manager looking to hire tech talent but struggling to evaluate them pre-employment, schedule a demo and learn about WeCP today.

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