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Giving Credit Where it’s Due: Tech Recruiters as Champions of Innovation

Behind every successful organization is a talented, driven, and highly skilled workforce. In tech companies especially, the best teams create winning products and lay a solid foundation for triumph.

And yet, how these teams are formed is seldom discussed. The best teams do not manifest themselves. They are put together by skilled recruiters who have perfected the art of recruitment.

And thus, tech recruiters are the champions of innovation. They lay the groundwork for organizational success at the most fundamental level.

Why is tech recruitment different?

Tech recruitment is distinguished from traditional recruiting because of its complexity and intricacy.

Tech roles are numerous, highly skills-based, and typically collaborative in nature. So, recruiters must reliably evaluate particular hard and soft skills to optimize tech talent acquisition. This challenge is daunting on paper and challenging in practice.

And thus, tech recruitment has emerged as a class of its own. Tech recruiters possess the necessary expertise to perfect the talent acquisition process.

Bridging the gap - qualifying recruiters to tech recruiter status

Companies used to be limited to resumes and portfolios as a means of screening candidates before interviews, which are adequate at best, and far from reliable. Then technical screening tests popped up and changed the game entirely. 

Technical skills screening has revolutionized the recruiting process, allowing companies to screen and evaluate candidates reliably and extensively. A custom skill assessment test goes beyond showcasing a candidate’s profile and provides realistic insights on how ready the person is to tackle real, on-the-job problems. Tech skill tests effectively save companies time, money, and resources when it comes to hiring – or even for assessing an existing employee’s fit for a different role. 

How WeCP bridges the gap

WeCP (We Create Problems) is an all-in-one tech recruitment solution that empowers recruiters. The platform streamlines tedious recruiting tasks and instead helps recruiters focus on informed decision-making.

An unoptimized recruitment process can exhaust hiring managers by overwhelming them with unnecessary labor. However, a streamlined process empowers decision-making and helps recruiters achieve their core goal; acquiring the best talent.

WeCP simplifies test creation

We’ve developed a rich question bank with over 0.2 million questions to assess for over 2000 tech skills and roles. Moreover, should you need to hire for rare tech jobs, WeCP provides question test questions on-demand.

Thus, WeCP empowers recruiters to create role-specific skills tests without subject-matter expertise. They are not reliant on third parties and team members, nor do they need to acquire tech knowledge.

Moreover, the test creation process is also streamlined for tech recruiters with existing expertise. We’re bridging the gap between recruiters and tech recruiters, and empowering both.

WeCP simulates an evaluation ecosystem

Ensuring fair play and a seamless candidate experience are prominent recruitment challenges, especially when hiring remotely. Thus, we sought to empower hiring managers at the vital test-taking stage, too.

WeCP comes with automated plagiarism detection and AI video proctoring to guarantee fair tech coding and interview evaluations. Moreover, our question library is updated continually with fresh sets of questions. Recruiters can thus focus solely on evaluation candidates.

However, creating a cheat-proof environment is but one step on the road to a reliable evaluation ecosystem. Beyond fair play, organizations also require a testing environment that functions at scale and facilitates seamless hiring.

To meet these needs, WeCP’s cloud infrastructure is designed to function at scale. Our platform can handle the simultaneous testing of hundreds of thousands of applicants. Moreover, WeCP’s bulk testing setup streamlines the assessment process; recruiters can invite applicants in bulk to sit the exams simultaneously.

WeCP fuels data-driven decision-making

At this point, you might be inclined to call our bluff. Because if WeCP helps recruiters design tests without independent expertise, how can the same recruiters grade tests and evaluate results?

We anticipated this potential challenge, and thus added one final layer of automation to the recruitment process – for grading.

WeCP’s testing platform includes automated scoring and evaluation criteria, which rely on Skill Maps and predefined scoring criteria. At the time of test generation, recruiters can also customize the passing criteria for each assessment.

As a result, recruiters are not troubled with the grading process itself. Rather, they receive automatically generated scores and performance evaluations (across more than twelve key metrics).

This black-box approach provides recruiters with the necessary data to make an informed hiring decision, without any of the hassles. And we thus revisit a proposition I hinted at earlier,

Empower your recruiters to focus on decision-making. And cut the unnecessary labor out.

Take advantage of a world powered by automation and artificial intelligence, and empower recruiters to focus on adding value.

Empower your recruiters with WeCP

In an increasingly competitive world, organizations with the best talent continue to thrive and reach new heights. Help your recruiters optimize their tech talent acquisition by focusing on decision-making, and eliminating mundane processes.

Schedule your personalized demo with WeCP to start hiring smarter, faster, and better.

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