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Introducing – The Wikipedia to Recruiters

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tech recruiter for a Fortune 500 company or a recruiting specialist for a startup, recruiting is never easy. Recruiting can be challenging, but you’re far from alone, and by learning from the experiences of other recruiters, you will be able to crush those challenges with much more confidence and ease. 

Today’s job market is not the market of yesteryear, and recruiters can no longer sit with their feet propped on their desks waiting for candidates to come looking for a job. 

When it comes down to it, what would be your biggest hiring headache?

Well, we think these are some of the major challenges in recruiting:

  • Attracting the right candidates
  • Ensuring a good candidate experience
  • Removing bias from the hiring process
  • Reducing time to hire
  • Diversity Hiring
  • Minimizing the Cost per Hire

To help you stay on top of your recruitment game, we’ve handpicked the best recruitment blogs and recruiter stories that you must add to your 2022 reading routine. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of — the next generation Knowledge Hub of Tech Recruiting. answers most of the questions that you may have about recruitment and all stages of the recruitment process. It aims to bring together recruitment tips, trends, strategies, hacks, interviews of recruitment thought leaders who are passionate about tech recruitment all on one platform.

Sherlocks of Tech Recruiting is initiated by WeCP to discuss the impact of the profound changes the recruitment industry has experienced in recent years, solutions to new challenges, and opportunities coming in the foreseeable future. What these thought leaders bring to the table is a rich blend of expertise and their experience in the wider world. It aims to bring together passionate recruiters from all over the world to share their voices, experiences and hacks to help budding recruiters build a winning recruitment strategy. is your best source for top-notch recruitment strategies, insights, and trends. The blog gives knowledge on everything a recruiter needs to thrive in today’s competitive hiring landscape. 

With tips from, you’ll learn how to get better at recruiting millennials, building great employer branding, nurturing inclusivity, fighting unconscious biases, and winning the highly skilled and productive candidates for your company. And you won’t just become a better recruiter, you’ll also stay on top of all the “newsworthy” stuff.


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