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COVID-19 has the world enter an instantaneous lockdown and has forced us to embrace some major changes. Experts are of the opinion that these changes are here to stay and are now being referred to be the “new normal”. Businesses are adopting new policies and plan to deal with challenges they have never faced before the COVID-19 predicament set in.

Businesses are now, albeit slowly, picking up pace, but with proper precautions to prevent the further spread of the virus. Among various job functions, the hiring industry has undergone significant changes. Most companies have resumed their recruitment process to deal with skill gaps and the need for talent. But here lies another predicament – is it safe to meet candidates in person? If not, how can the candidates be assessed properly? Candidates, in turn, are a little apprehensive to step out of their homes to go for interviews.

Enter the Virtual Interviewing and hiring process!

Companies like Amazon, Facebook, etc have already implemented virtual hiring strategies to meet their business requirements while a whole lot of companies have followed suit or are on the verge of doing so. With that as the background, we at, WeCP (We Create Problems) have introduced our Video-Based Pair Programming Platform with the intent to help ease the online interviewing process and render it most effective!

What Exactly Is The Video-Based Pair Programming Platform?

WeCP’s Video-Based Pair Programming Platform helps conduct video interviews with desired candidates effortlessly from home/office without having to meet anyone in person. This platform is a digital replica of one-on-one interviews. Here are some of its significant features:

One Way Video Streaming Format: This format allows the interviewer to view the candidate while keeping the interviewer’s camera off. This allows the interviewer to observe the candidate’s body language and attitude during the interview or, while the candidate is performing a certain task assigned to them.

Two-way Video Streaming Format: Switching to this format of interviewing turns on the camera of both the interviewer and the candidate, so that they are visible to each other, giving the whole interview process an “in-person” look and feel. This format is ideal to be used during technical rounds to better understand the abilities of the candidate.

Enable tools to assign tasks and assess candidates: WeCP’s Video-Based Pair Programming Platform lets you enable tools like virtual whiteboards, coding editors, and diagramming tools, which the interviewer can use at any time during the interview to assign tasks to the candidate and encourage them to demonstrate their hands-on skills, live. This allows candidates to show their skills rather than talk about them.

Traditional Video Conferencing Tools VS. WeCP's Video-Based Pair Programming Platform

Traditional video conferencing tools are meant for just that, video conferencing and these tools have certain limitations when used to conduct video interviews for recruitment. Here’s why you need to ditch the traditional video conferencing tools for WeCP’s Video-Based Pair Programming Platform:

Data Integration: Although convenient when used to just connect with a candidate for a quick chat, these platforms do not allow you to integrate assessments that the candidate has already undergone during previous rounds of interviews or tests. Our Video Based Pair Programming Platform can be integrated with all result-based assessments the candidate has gone through prior to the interview onto one platform. WeCP’s platform collects all the data, along with the recorded version of the online interview rounds and the tasks performed by the candidate during the interview to help give a collective result. This helps the recruiter assess the candidate better to understand exactly where the candidate stands in terms of potential, skillsets, and knowledge.

Impersonation Check: One of the concerns that recruiters have when assessing candidates online, is authenticity. How can a recruiter be sure that the person appearing for the interview is the one who had taken the online assessment test? The candidate can quite easily get someone else to take the online test on their behalf and appear only for the interview. The easy solution to this is an impersonation check. Unlike traditional video conferencing tools, our platform captures the identity of the candidate at every stage of the assessment and if any such case arises, the system automatically alerts the recruiter with a reference image from an initial round.

Save time, cost, and manpower and embrace online hiring as the new normal with WeCP’s Video-Based Pair Programming Platform.

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