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Product Update WeCP (We Create Problems)


Ready to explore the new, more intuitive WeCP product?

Our team has tirelessly worked to give you an easy-to-use UI packed with a lot of excitement.

Let’s dive right in to know what’s been cooking 👇

All-purpose Navigation panel

The new navigation pane brings more buttons to your fingertips.

The navigation pane now includes –

Tests  Interviews  Questions  Library  Settings and more..



Horizontal Test Dashboard

The previously vertical test dashboard has been redesigned to make more room for the display unit.


User-friendly question editor

The new editor UI enables you to get the job done faster and makes question creation a piece of cake.

Card type question display

The question card presents a brief overview so that you don’t have to open every question to review.


And the features you didn't know you wanted -

Variety of tests in one section

Add a variety of question types in a single section. Now you don’t need to change the test section to add different question types.

Flexible Question Sequence

The question sequence is more flexible than ever. Rearrange your questions or entire sections anytime you want.

Test Status on your Home Page

Just opened it to see the status of your tests? It’s right there on the home page, along with the number of invited candidates.



Interviews and Assessments at one place

We have kept in mind the number of open tabs you have. Thus, merging the interviews and assessments URL. Interviews are now in the navigation panel of your home page.


All-in-One Feedback Tab

Set up, create and access feedback under one tab. So that you can focus on candidate feedback, we are looking for ways to make them more accessible.


Wider UX for candidate's data

So that you can do more in less time, we have decided to make more space for added functions in the display.

Groups Tab is the one-stop solution

Create, Edit and View all groups under one tab in settings and save yourself from the tiresome task of navigating to customize each group.


Data Safety after Deactivation

You can deactivate your organization without worrying about data loss. It can be accessed or re-activated only by an admin from your organization.


That’s all for this update folks. 🙌

But, we’re not done just yet – so look forward to more exciting updates very soon 😉

Explore all the amazing features of WeCP yourself and get all your questions answered by our team.

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To a future of faster tech recruitment – CHEERS 🥂

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