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Recruiters Don’t Need To Be Engineers To Hire Engineers – Here’s Why

You must have come across this blog because your search query looks something like this “how to become a tech recruiter from non-tech background” or “steps to become a tech recruiter being from a non-tech background.” Trust me; you’re not alone. 

Marc Woodford, Senior Tech Recruiter for Infrastructure at Hopin, was studying psychology when he got into recruiting and made his way into tech recruiting. 

The ever-changing technical recruitment scene is exciting and challenging. Recruiters’ role is rising compared to other roles. Therefore, when you’re trying to recruit the top engineers for your company, the competition gets more challenging. In that case, as a technical recruiter, you need to set yourself apart and create a unique identity. 

Let’s look at some recruitment methods that a non-technical recruiter can quickly implement and achieve great results.

Determining the need for hiring an engineer

When you talk about hiring an engineer, you should first consider determining its need. 

Why is that important?

Because hiring engineers cost money and time, we need to have a clear objective behind hiring one. Recruiters face several challenges while hiring engineers: an unskilled talent pool, a lengthy hiring process, and unclear job descriptions, to name a few. 

Recruiters must keep in mind some of the vital things when hiring for engineering positions.

Aligning the business outcomes with the advertised job role

In this part of the structure, you will understand the connection between the engineering position and the outcome it will generate. What kind of duties will they perform to obtain optimum results for the business. 

Budgeting the overall cost of hiring an engineer

Another crucial aspect of structuring a plan for hiring an engineer. This part consists of the internal and external expenses related to the hiring. The longer the hiring process, the more the cost. 

Retaining and attracting plans for existing and new hires

Planning retention and attracting potential hires is an essential part of the structure. It will ultimately lead to the growth of the organization. Also, contribute largely to employer branding. 

Understanding the engineering fundamentals

Understanding the fundamentals of engineering is a general rule of thumb for tech recruiters of both tech and non-tech backgrounds. 

Do the necessary research before putting up that job description. 

– What kind of engineering role are you looking for? 

– What are the qualifications required for that specific role? 

– What is the market demand for the role? 

– What is the average rate of the said role? 

After you’ve established answers to these questions, the next step is to learn more about the basics of that role.

For example, if you’re hiring a DevOps Engineer, there are some things regarding the position you should know before recruiting.

– Understanding QA Processes 

– Have an idea about developing large & robust applications

– Understanding the standard software behavior

– Clear and good grasp of SDLC

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Now that you’ve developed the knowledge base for the job role. The next course of action is to know the right way of assessing the skills. Setting up the right questions during the different phases of recruiting is extremely important. For example, coding tests for interviews or software developer assessment tests.

Keep in mind that good engineers are always in demand and are very clear on their agenda. Take into account that the talent should be a team player and within your budget.

Doing the needful engagement

If you plan on targeting the top 25% of tech talent, you need to plan your engagement strategy accordingly.

Engineers receive tons of ingenuine emails with copy-paste templates. More the reason why recruiters need to stand out from the rest. Recruiters can achieve that by making real connections with their potential candidates. 

Some of the full-proof ways that you can use to do more meaningful engagement are as follows-

– Add a personalized touch to the email pitch; this will go a long way

– Social media can be easily used as a tool to increase engagement (might even know their favorite TV show)

– Don’t make them wait too long; it will make them feel undervalued

– Make an impression that their skills for the job role align with the company values and outcomes

– Keep their Github and Stackoverflow profiles handy; this will give a clearer idea of their skillset

– Use technical screening platforms that make hiring data and metrics-driven leaving no room for errors

– Give them necessary updates regarding the recruiting process (pre, mid, and post) 

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Utilize the resources of the organization

With such a vast database on recruitment, resources are ample. But the real question is, how do you utilize them?

Utilizing your organization’s resources is essential because it will help you know your product better and increase your visibility. Understanding the organization’s resources – people and products. 

Did you know that 75% of candidates research a firm’s reputation and employer brand before applying for a job?

This suggests that talent branding is extremely vital to overall business growth. People believe what people experience. So use the power of communication to attract and retain top talent. 

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The people, products, and processes around them are all the necessary prerequisites for building the company culture.

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Hire with value-driven intention

In this part, recruiters and hiring managers will look for candidates who share similar sentiments regarding the objectives and goals. When the business goals and objectives align with hiring, it speaks volumes for the candidate. In addition, it ensures the candidate organization is articulate and reliable. 

This brings us to the next question, how do you hire with value-driven intention? 

A company sets its values since its establishment. Now, try to find candidates with the same thought process for those values. Such as, 

– what is their take on the particular system

– how is their attitude towards constructive criticism

– do they acknowledge the importance of the industry to a state a few

Once you’ve aligned the values and capabilities of the candidate to your organization, combine it with the rest of the actionable items stated above and land yourself the right talent.

Are you a technical recruiter from a non-tech background?

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WeCP: What is it?

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