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Six reasons you should use WeCP platform for Online Hackathons

Virtual Hackathons

We hear frequently about online hackathons and how they help keep the company’s culture alive and the company’s health robust and youthful. But the first confusion that arises is when it comes to deciding who and which platform to choose while organizing a good quality online hackathon. This article shall break down the process of appreciating what a good platform looks like and why WeCP is one of the best bets in town by being one such platform itself.

Six Reasons For Conducting Organized Online Hackathons

1. Providing A Live Hackathon Environment

The most fundamental requirement while being able to conduct hackathons is that of the actual functioning environment. If an organization is able to provide the perfect in-browser live proctored coding and development environment to build real-world applications, we can’t ask for better. WeCP does this exactly and thus ends up creating that one brilliant live hackathon environment for a perfect hackathon experience.

2. Real Hackathon-Style Problem Statements

WeCP goes beyond just the platform and ensures also that the problem statements simulate reality as well, adding another dimension to the experience. It makes sure that a real-life problem statement created by experts with actual data and situations, is available. This is when it is understood clearer that WeCP is uncompromising with what it wishes to offer to provide the best hackathon experience.

3. Live Leaderboard For Candidates

Many of us may have played some multiplayer online game or the other at some point in time, be it a high-end, graphics-heavy, online game that is played on a platform internationally or just a simple and plain multiplayer game played on the phone. What brings in the thrill in such games? What makes us want to keep going back to it? It is the fact that the players’ relative positions are shown in a leaderboard and this instills the want to compete better in the next outing of the game. WeCP incorporates this idea by way of a gamified leaderboard for allowing for the spirit of competitiveness among participants, in online hackathons. The participants thus get an update of where they stand in the competition which also helps give them a reality check. This is just one more reason to choose WeCP for online hackathons.

4. Autoscalable to 2M Participants

The typical problem platforms face is the fact they can’t handle large loads and crashes. The irony, however, is that platforms start off with the objective of attaining popularity which in turn means greater participation and thus greater loads. WeCP stands strong in that regard, establishes its capability as being a concurrent load agnostic platform that auto balances load up to 2 million users and lets one set threshold oneself. This is one crucial reason why WeCP deserves all the trust in the world, as far as online hackathon platforms are concerned.

5. Support For Cutting-edge Technologies

WeCP’s highlights lie in the platform and the allied resources it provides. This forms the very skeleton of its functioning and is what keeps the environment alive. WeCP sets an example by supporting and adopting cutting-edge technologies. It provides an IDE-like platform supporting programming, frameworks, data science libraries, APIs, and more. This is what gives WeCP’s platform the fortitude it stands for.

6. Custom Branding And Promotion

Finally, WeCP’s scope extends from merely being associated platform and its content, into also providing marketing possibilities. WeCP thus also provides for the branding with custom banners, URLs, logos, colors, content, and promotion features.

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