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Team WeCP unites in Nainital -Trekking, Paragliding and More!

Nainital is said to be a paradise for nature lovers and we can tell from our experience that it is true. High up in the Kumaon Himalayas at “The Lake District”, we sat above the clouds, went out of our comfort zone, had round-the-clock fun and most of all made unforgettable memories!


“We all were a bit shy at the start wondering how the things would go about but then we somehow gelled in like we have known each other for years. The crazy bornfire conversations to the numerous treks were the most beautiful part of the trip. The football match with the locals was cherry on top. Even If I had to sum up the trip I would end up writing a novel about it that’s how amazing it was!”

– CSM Intern @ WeCP

Off to an adventure

Some of us flew 1000 miles to reach Delhi, where team WeCP from all around India decided to unite and start the expedition. But, when you are in the food capital of India, how can you not explore the street food of Chandi Chowk? So, while the early arrivers waited for the arrival of every member in Delhi, we gave ourselves a treat at the chaat stalls of Chandni chowk.

Work on the Way

After Delhi, we headed towards the vacation resort in Nainital. It was a long drive but we had to take a break from our vacation mood for a sudden recruitment drive. So, we stopped at a random tea stall to make sure everything was working seamlessly. For everyone at WeCP, tech recruitment success is our priority.

Bonding with Bonfire

Finally, we reached our resort at Nainital and everyone wished they had more warm clothes. Amidst a temperature of 3°, the bonfire came to our rescue. It created the perfect ambience for us to open our hearts, tell stories and get to know each other better.


Mukteshwar Panorama

The next morning, we started our hunt for the scenic beauty of Mukteshwar. When we saw the waterfall, we couldn’t resist but stop. We had our own little photoshoot and it was a lot of fun!


Then, we took some blessings from an ancient Shiva temple which is supposedly present from the times of Mahabharata.


After that, we enjoyed maggie and momos with the view of Himalayan peaks above the temple and ended our day with another bonfire bonding session at the resort.


Exploring in the Woods

Another fun day started with an unplanned football match with the local kids. We had a mismatched team, with a pro football player as our captain and other members who have never played it before. Any guesses, which team might have won? Next, we went cycling and trekking depending on everyone’s personal choice.



Local kids vs. WeCP team

The most Challenging Part

On the last day of our stay in Nainital, we reached new heights together. We went for a risky and one of the most difficult treks of Nainital. It took us 3 hours to reach the peak but the view was worth it! We literally ate sandwiches above the clouds, captured the memories of a rare and stunning landscape and without the desire to leave, went back to the resort. Again, it was a personal choice to go trekking or not.


Thakur Top

Final day

We were all set to go back to our work routine. But we couldn’t have missed paragliding among those beautiful valleys. So, on our way back to Delhi, we stopped for paragliding. Then, we requested our hotel in Delhi to arrange a little surprise for the birthday girl of our team. And before everyone went back to their homes, we celebrated her birthday together on our last night stay in Delhi.

All work and no play can make the office a dull place. Thankfully, our CEO understands this. On this trip, many people met for the first time as colleagues but waved goodbye as friends. These memories will always be in our hearts to remind us, ” We Are WeCP “.

If you are looking for a team that promotes connection, celebration and personal growth, connect with us to explore opportunities. 

See you on our next trip!

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