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WeCP introduces live coding and video interviewing with Pair Programming

Gone are the days when employers could have face-to-face sessions with each candidate to have discussions regarding job roles in order to understand their competencies. According to instructions from relevant authorities, most companies are still following the work-from-home policy. Thus, it’s not feasible to call the candidates to visit the office premises to work on coding exercises that can help hiring managers assess tech talents on the basis of hands-on skills and real-time problem-solving. The COVID-19- induced lockdown has now forced companies to resort to virtual means to keep hiring going.

As Virtual Hiring slowly becomes part of the “new normal”, companies now are focusing on building a holistic recruitment strategy that can help them assess and hire job-ready candidates virtually. To cater to this current demand, WeCP has now introduced live coding and video interviewing with Pair Programming with the aim to help organizations hire tech talent based on real-time coding skills as well as video interviews.

What Is Pair Programming?

Pair programming essentially refers to a style of programming where two people share the same screen or use the same machine to write code/algorithm together. While one programmer works on a code, the other can review it at the same time making the whole process time-efficient and live.

Why You Should Rely On WeCP's Pair Programming Platform To Hire Tech Talent?

A candidate might have good communication skills. With the help of a little text-book knowledge and the ability to articulate their thoughts properly, the candidate might be able to answer most of the questions asked by the interviewer during a virtual interview. But what about assessing the technical skills they possess? Are they the appropriate skills for the job? Is it enough for them to perform well? Is the candidate a competent programmer? This is where WeCP’s Pair Programming platform can play a significant role.

Key Highlights

  • Live Coding using Virtual Whiteboard: Assign real-world problems to the candidates using a virtual whiteboard during the video interview. See the candidate code real-time on the same screen as you and ensure a high level of trust.
  • One-way/Two-way Video Interviewing: One-way and two-way visibility options for conducting video interviews to assess the candidates while they code. Study the candidate’s body-language while working on the live video chat.
  • Digital Scorecard: Rate candidates instantly on the basis of code quality, problem-solving skills, language proficiency as well as technical communication using the digital scorecards on the interviewer’s screen. Rate candidate during ongoing interviews and review the ratings later for the overall evaluation.
  • Easy to Use: The simple user interface of the platform is somewhat self-explanatory. It makes it very easy to understand and use so that the interviewer does not have to reserve much time to explain how the platform works to the interviewee.
  • Compatible with Low Internet Speed: WeCP’s platform is highly optimized for low bandwidth internet.

Ready To Hire Better?

Hire top programmers with a high level of productivity as well as good communication skills with WeCP’s live coding and video interviewing pair programming platform.

Let us help you save time, cost, and manpower and embrace online hiring as the new normal.

Hire the best candidates through technical screening using our platform WeCP and with technical recruiting experts at your service 24/7. Schedule a demo with WeCP.

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WeCP: What is it?

WeCP: What is it?

WeCP is a 4-click technical hiring software for talent acquisition departments. Our mission is to create a world where anyone can hire techies with ease. WeCP allows you to hire engineers without burdening your engineering department.

  •  Build a talent pool in 1 click
  •  Vet candidates on coding skills
  • Get to know only qualified candidates
  • Instantly onboard candidates

Your next click should end your search for potential tech candidates.

Become one of the 1000+ successful talent acquisition teams.

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