A must read guide to hire an excellent Salesforce developer

The Salesforce ecosystem is expected to capture 3.3 million new jobs and over $850 billion in revenue worldwide by 2022. Salesforce Developers help companies automate business processes – a #1 desire of today’s businesses.

Finding a good Salesforce developer is incredibly hard due to the high demand and low supply. Even if you manage to find a pool of candidates, figuring out which candidate is the best fit for your organization’s Salesforce Developer position is not an easy task. An extensive work history on the resume with plenty of certifications may not necessarily be enough to judge a Salesforce developer’s fit for your needs.

Identifying good Salesforce developers from the pool without any unconscious bias can be another arduous task, which is why we have decided to write this article and make it a bit easier for recruiters and hiring managers. In this article, we’ll walk through some of the best practices for hiring excellent Salesforce developers by putting them through a skill assessment process.

Skills that you must assess for the Salesforce developer position

The first and foremost skill is Problem Solving – we call it the bread and butter for developers. Additionally, Salesforce developers must have a good working knowledge of Salesforce.com – the developer platform. They must know how to build data models in Salesforce. They must have a good working knowledge of the Apex language.

Hence, we suggest the below three key skills that one must evaluate in a potential candidate for the Salesforce developer position:

  1. Problem Solving – the bread and butter for developers, hence a must assess skill.
  2. JavaScript – Salesforce new lighting platform requires developers to have a serious understanding of JavaScript.
  3. Coding using Apex – a proprietary language of Salesforce.com.

How to assess Salesforce skills correctly?

Salesforce is a vast skill. There are multiple ways of judging a developer’s Salesforce expertise. However, a few skills are undeniably the core of Salesforce without which, a candidate shouldn’t be offered this position. Therefore to find a truly winning Salesforce developer, we suggest you follow the below SkillMap while evaluating the candidates.

How to hire a Salesforce Developer - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog Skillmap

During the screening round, we ask candidates to write a program to demonstrate key JavaScript skills that are relevant for Salesforce and then perform a Salesforce task using Apex. This follows a set of MCQ questions depicting real-world scenarios of Salesforce along with a problem-solving task. We further recommend a video interview round with the shortlisted candidates to check their technical communication along with some whiteboarding, if necessary.

How can WeCP help?

WeCP offers ready to customize tests for 1000+ developer skills along with their SkillMap. SkillMaps are a proven way of assessing essential developer skills. Create a skills-based test or interview to try it for yourself.

WeCP is on a mission to make the life of hiring managers and recruiters easy. We share resourceful insights on hiring the best talent on our blog and social pages. To be the first to know about our updates, follow us on LinkedIn.

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