Cracking the Robust Remote Hiring Process Code for Your Business!

In the world of recruitment, candidate hiring isn’t an easy process. If you’re a recruiter, you’d know that the method of recruiting has changed. With talent shortage and skills getting more niche in the coming years, most recruiters struggle at screening candidates that fit their bill. This has led hiring teams to look for candidates who are further afield and embrace remote hiring.

What is Remote Hiring?

In a nutshell, remote hiring refers to hiring professionals who work outside your office and deliver the responsibility as expected from a regular in-office employee.

However, before you start looking at hiring remote employees for your company, remember that you have to look for a candidate that displays a different skill set and personality traits than your office employees. In short, your to-be employee should know how to work remotely effectively.

How To Hire the Right Candidates?

As a recruiter, knowing your candidate always remains a top priority, irrespective of the distance!

Keep your expectations clear –  Hiring remote talent does curtail face-to-face communication, and hence, it’s important that you get your essential points checked. Start by asking if a candidate has any prior experience in remote working or if they’re comfortable in a working environment that overlaps time zones. Questions like this can give help you pre-screen candidates who don’t seem a good fit for the role and helps you lose zero time in proceeding with other details.

Building Personal Connections is Vital – Once you’ve narrowed down your candidates, you should build a strong personal bond with them. For instance, if the standard norm is to conduct one interview, then opt for three while sourcing candidates for remote work. This can help you assess if the candidate’s work ethics are in sync with the value and culture of your company.

Conduct relevant tests – Make sure you have a good set of skill assessment tests and techniques to assess a candidate accurately. A test can help you evaluate a great candidate from a good one. Assign tasks that can let you analyze their creativity and rational thinking. Let’s understand why this is one of the most crucial steps in your overall recruitment process – more so in remote hiring.

Role Of Assessment In The Hiring Process

Talent assessments help in picking the right candidate and also understanding if they are the right fit for your company. Take your time by creating a standardized and customized test. The standardized test gives you a better understanding of the candidate’s personality, while the personalized test gives you an understanding of their ability. The marriage of two is crucial in finding the right fit for your company.

Don’t know where to begin? Consider WeCP’s skill assessment platform that has all the tools to help you onboard your remote working professionals.

How WeCP Can Help You Sustain Talent Acquisition Journey

With businesses moving their recruiting operations digitally, companies must be able to work with smart tools for e-hiring. WeCP has a bunch of effective recruitment tools that can be used not just to hire, but adequately assess a candidate and their core abilities within a company –

1. Auto evaluators – Built-in, state-of-the-art evaluators automatically assess candidates on different skill sets, including MCQs, subjective questions, coding, project-based assessments, and even video interviews. This makes it easier to select the right candidates based on the questions you pose.

2. Real IDE with IntelliSense – This feature allows candidates to get intelligent suggestions for specific syntax questions. By using these suggestions, you can let prospective candidates focus purely on writing logic during the online test.

3. Video proctoring – You can rely on the software’s unique and super-effective video proctoring tool to conduct fair assessments. It remotely assesses any violations and minimizes any scope of cheating through tab-change, Google search, usage of external devices, and more.

4. Load-balancing – The software also quickly and automatically balances loads with a scalable platform that comes with 99.95% uptime, guaranteed.

5. ATS and LMS integrations – The ATS and LMS solutions track the progress of a candidate and hire talents with better efficiency and success. The ability to integrate APIs means that companies can seamlessly integrate their software with that of WeCP and download or upload relevant data.

6. Code playback – Worried about non-ethical practices such as plagiarism and code playback? The software is equipped to constantly scourge the internet for any copied code right after the test is completed and submitted. Plagiarism is also immediately flagged to the hiring authorities as required. The result – you only get candidates with a 100% success rate!

With remote working being the new norm for plenty of companies owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote hiring is going to be the way forward to expand your business without trading flexibility and efficiency.

There’s no better time to build a robust remote hiring process, so go forth and begin already if you have not.

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