Data Science Coding Tests by WeCP

According to the World Economic Forum, data science is the new race for talents around the world. Although data science professionals form a small part of the current total workforce, the surging skill demand trends suggest that candidates with data science expertise are among the highest in-demand roles.

“The need for data science skill is not just limited to technologically niche companies, it is rapidly evolving as the core function of companies in various industries.”

WeCP customers’ demand indicates that among the six skill clusters listed below, Statistical Programming, Machine Learning, and Data Visualisation are the top competencies that companies seek from the candidates.

Why Do Companies Need A Testing Tool To Evaluate The Skill Level Of A Potential Data Science Candidate?

One of the basic needs for a testing tool is to immediate grading and thus save time and cost from the manual evaluation. The other critical reason is to prevent potential chances of academic dishonesty by candidates such as plagiarism and impersonation to get hired.

However, in the contemporary hiring setup, assessments achieve more. Today assessment tools have become data-driven and more powerful than before. Thus, finding people who are dependable and productive is not so hard. There are scientifically proven evaluation methods that approximately filter out such candidates from the bigger pool.

How Does WeCP Evaluates Data Science Skills?

To holistically measure someone’s data science competence in a time-boxed online test, WeCP relies on three fundamental evaluation guidelines.

  1. Check knowledge of concepts such as Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Science Tools, and Techniques, etc.
  2. Check the thinking level on the above-mentioned skills by presenting real-world situations.
  3. Check the hands-on expertise of candidates to check if they are able to perform the tasks. Hence you ask them either to: a) write a program using data science libraries of candidate’s choice to achieve results, b) develop a machine learning model and train it using real datasets or, c) perform data visualization using plots and given datasets.

Both #1 and #2 can be assessed by objective methods. But, to auto-evaluate #3 the assessment tool should be capable of providing the hands-on interface and a robust evaluation engine.

WeCP Data Science Assessments are trusted by top companies around the world. If you’re ready to screen data science techies, schedule a demo and get started.


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