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It is no surprise that the great resignation is redefining modern technical hiring. As a result, there is a talent shortage and a surplus of job roles. This imbalance makes technical recruitment more challenging for recruiters and hiring managers. Modern problems need modern solutions. With the advent of AI and machine learning, technical screening platforms have incorporated them for better data insights and candidate screening. A blog post in the technical hiring community mentions how the global technical skills software market is growing exponentially. So, keep reading to know more about the benefits of technical screening tools.  

Benefits of technical screening tools:

1. Easily hire engineers without an engineering degree

Many established technical recruiters do not have an engineering background. Well, that’s the versatility of technical screening tools; one does not have to come with pre-defined knowledge about it. The only secret is growing along with the changing technology. “Change is the only constant in your career” as stated by Tamara Perry, Sr. Technical Talent Acquisition of CLARK.

The fundamental strategy to success is keeping yourself updated with the recent recruitment trends and upcoming technologies. With AI-powered screening tools, you don’t even need to have a technical background. It does the work of setting up the right questions for a stated job role and helps you combat unconscious bias as well. Advanced screening tools give you detailed insights into a candidate’s skill set and provide the necessary information for making the right decision.

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2. Lesser dependency on the tech team

How many times have you asked the technical team lead to take that interview or to have a look at the candidate’s skills?

Sounds familiar. Well, guess what? As a technical recruiter or a hiring manager, you can now do that on your own with the help of screening tools.

Technical screening tools work and function for solving problems that can make technical recruiters dependent on technical teams. Because the technical team already has so many other things on their plate, taking an interview for hiring purposes is the last on their mind. This dependency can lead to further issues like a lengthy hiring journey that can translate to a negative candidate experience.

On the other hand, screening tools can effortlessly automate interview scheduling and maintain flexibility for hiring managers.

3. Freedom to create your own programming tests

Customization! In the present world, this is the keyword for connecting to customers. And technical recruiting is no exception. The software may have a wide range of tests available, but if they don’t provide the freedom of customization, it’s a bad hire in waiting.

Some drawbacks of not being able to customize the tests:

  1. Makes the tests restrictive
  2. Less similarity between the test and the suggested job role
  3. Minimal alignment with the business outcome
  4. It may lead to a bad candidate experience

And all these reasons lead to only one thing- the wrong hire. Let’s face it, hiring and onboarding new candidates costs millions of dollars. Imagine the price of hiring the incorrect candidate; astronomical. However, companies can easily avoid this and hire the right fit just by customization.

It includes choosing the predefined template and making desired changes or creating a different test by importing your set of questions. Customize your test according to your company’s needs, skills required and job role.

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4. Automate scheduling interviews with no hassle

If there’s one thing that a person can improve is time management. And automation is the answer. Every day, tech recruiters and hiring managers deal with many different things, including interviews. Scheduling and rescheduling interviews are common phenomena. But how do you stay ahead of it? Simple by automating the scheduling process.

Manually updating the timings and content for the interviews is time-consuming. Therefore, automating the scheduling process of interviews saves time and reduces human errors. This ultimately helps decrease the time required for the hiring journey and enhances the candidate experience.

technical interviews

5. Use of pair-programming interviews for understanding candidate’s skills

By definition, pair programming is the interaction between interviewer and interviewee via a shared coding platform. Usually, the hiring managers conduct this type of interview where the candidates perform their technical skills in real-time. However, there may be glitches and other technical issues with the IDE, and these kinds of hindrances can negatively affect the candidate experience. Therefore, knowing and using the most reliable and trustworthy technical interview tools are extremely important.

6. Better decision-making with detailed automated candidate reports

Remember the famous quote, “Never judge a book by its cover”; detailed automated candidate reports abide by that. Resumes are great, but they cannot judge the candidates’ skills entirely. So, what to do next? Conduct technical screening that takes place in multi-stages; this help generates a detailed candidate report. The technical recruiters use this report to consider whether the candidate is suitable for the subsequent hiring round. The candidate report records the strongest to weakest skill sets and how they achieved the solutions.

candidate reports

7. Reliability of AI-powered bias control and proctoring

Artificial intelligence in recruiting is an advanced take on traditional recruitment. AI-based tools help in bias control and proctoring by automating the entire process. With the help of AI, screening tools have been able to proctor virtually by setting different on-screen measures like the inability to switch tabs and copying, and pasting answers are just a few of them. And speaking of bias, AI has been helping the hiring team detect different types of bias, such as conformity bias, wherein the candidate represented by word of mouth from the powerful designations doesn’t get a direct yes.

8. Designed for higher scalability

Technical screening tools are not just powerful, but they are also versatile. This is why they are a significant part of scale hiring. The multistage hiring process of screening tools detects and segregates the candidates more efficiently for the next hiring rounds. It is less time-consuming in finding candidates that are the right fit for your organization. A fine example of this scalability problem and how technical screening tools solved it could be found here “How After-school Learning App Toppr is using WeCP to hire programmers from Top Universities”

9. Opportunity for personalized branding

Needless to say, when you are recruiting talents you need to come prepared. In terms of personal branding your social media presence is the first thing your candidate checks, this immediately forms an impression about you as a technical recruiter or hiring manager. Imagine if there’s an added layer of support, meaning a screening tool that gives you the opportunity to do personal branding of you or your company. Easily incorporate your company logo or watermark on the customized test that you’ve created and redirect the candidates to your site after they complete the tests. This will give them a clear idea about who you are and what you work for, bringing more credibility.

10. Align your business outcomes with the right skills

This is one of the most important benefits that can be achieved using screening tools- business outcomes. At the end of the day, it’s the good business that keeps the company running. Do not jeopardize it with wrong hires. Technical recruiters and hiring managers can easily avoid that by using technical screening. Because of the ease of customization, you can create your own tests with all the required skills you’re looking for. If your business needs full-stack development then you can easily hire full-stack developers using the technical screening tool that tests all the skills required to be a full-stack developer. Remember bad hire costs you money and good hire brings you money. So, align your business outcomes with the right skills to hire the right tech talent.

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Technical screening tools are the new way of conducting technical hiring. It has the ability to decrease human errors and scale your technical hiring. They are here to make talent acquisition effortless and efficient. The benefits listed above are the reasons why it is forecasted to grow from USD 319.4 million to USD 482.5 million by 2027.

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