Step-by-Step guide to hire Reactjs Developer through technical screening

With an increasing demand for Reactjs skills, hiring skilled Reactjs developers has become more challenging. Learn how to pick the right candidates in less time.

Reactjs has revolutionized the development of web technologies over the past few years. Today, it is the second most popular web framework according to the Stackoverflow Developer Skills 2022 Survey. As known to all of us, most businesses today are going through a wave of digital transformation, and robust web applications have proven to be a critical component of this transformation. Due to the high demand for skills in Reactjs, hiring skilled Reactjs Developers has undoubtedly become a difficult task for most of the hiring teams.

If you are planning to hire a Reactjs Developer, it is suggested to hire such candidates who already have a bit of Reactjs experience. It will be easier for them and they will also be able to fit into the team faster. In this article, we will talk about the ways that can help you find that rockstar Reactjs Developer to complement your web transformation needs.

Skills that you must test for the ReactJS Developer position

  1. Stronghold on the fundamentals of core JavaScript
  2. Knowledge of the different architectural patterns compatible with React and state managers based on the Flux approach
  3. Background experience with adjacent technologies such as Node, Webpack, Babel, Redux, HTML5, and some of the CSS preprocessors (styled-components, CSS-Modules, SASS, LESS)
  4. Understanding of Jest for test coverage
  5. Experience with React Native

How to assess the ReactJS Developer skills correctly?

The first step towards evaluating Reactjs expertise is to give a task to build a real-world application. In order to do so, the assessment platform should be as comfortable as their local IDE so that the candidates can demonstrate their full-stack expertise on Reactjs fairly. Futhermore, the second key skill that must be  tested is problem-solving using an algorithmic task. This can be followed by a set of objective questions to assess their hold on underlying concepts that build Reactjs Framework.

We recommend using the SkillMap given below while evaluating candidates for the Reactjs Developer role.

How to hire a Reactjs Developer - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog Skillmap

How to hire ReactJS Developers?

Follow these 7 easy steps to hire a Reactjs Developer:

1. Create a Job Description for the Reactjs Developer.

2. Post this job opening along with other details on various job posting sites, social media, or on the company’s site itself.

3. When you start receiving candidates’ applications in a period of time defined by you, you can start a technical skills screening and not a resume-based screening. Use technical skills screening tools like WeCP that allow you to do an automated-human intervened flexible assessment of Reactjs candidates.

4. After you are done with the Reactjs developer screening process of the candidates, test and match their skills with your objectives and requirements and select the most relevant candidates.

5. Start an asynchronous video interview with the candidates or go for a synchronous interview using the technical screening platform.

6. Make an objective selection, scorecards, and skillset categorization for the role using a technical screening platform like WeCP that allows you to do all of the above on one single platform.

7. Make final selections and an offer to the candidates with the desired Reactjs expertise.

Where do ReactJS developers hang out?

Reactjs developers are available as full-time employees or freelancers across various job portals and freelance portals. Full time can be easily found on angellist, linkedin and Freelance Reactjs developers can be easily found on freelance websites like upwork, flexjobs and fiverr

Where can I hire ReactJS Developers?

You can hire Reactjs developer by posting job descriptions along with other essential details on various job posting websites like:

How much does a ReactJS developer cost?

The most popular technical role in the market is that of Reactjs Developer. They’re more in demand than any other technical role.

According to the Alcor Reactjs Developer Salary Worldwide report, a ReactJS software developer in the US earns between $ 109,000 to $ 160,000.

How can WeCP help you to hire ReactJS Developer?

WeCP offers ready-to-customize tests for evaluating all levels of 1000+ technical skills, from fresh grads to senior architects along with their SkillMaps. One can easily evaluate that using the productivity graph to assess essential developer skills.

Take your technical hiring to the next level. We not only have a vast question library that caters to all kinds of technical roles for your organization, but we also tackle unconscious bias using AI that can significantly accelerate your technical hiring.

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