The Best University Talent Can be Easily Hired Remotely. Here’s How!

Recruiting isn’t easy. To be able to procure the best talent, compensate them, and ensure they stick around for a while to contribute to the company’s growth are just some of the tasks a recruiter has in hand. If you’re a recruiter, you’re the first point of contact between the company and first impressions always matter.

While there is a perception that the best grads come from Ivy-League schools, there isn’t complete truth in that statement. There are still recruiters who believe the best talent stays in Ivy-League colleges when that’s not necessarily true. Talent nowadays is widely distributed across a multitude of colleges, and it’s important to widen horizons to capture the best.

Different Ways To Assess Talents For Remote Hiring From Universities

Identify The Right Candidates

Capturing top talent from universities requires a bit of out-of-the-box thinking. To hire freshers online, you need to use the platforms they are most active on.

A lot of talented candidates share their work on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, and they generally link their email IDs to the same as well. You will be able to reach out to them there and create the first point of contact.

You could also scourge the net for some brilliant technical questions that are hidden away in online forums. Creating a question bank and keeping them handy will help.

Nowadays, students understand the significance of showing their presence on LinkedIn and showcase their ability and skills, and with a recruiter’s handle, you can easily reach out to them sooner. Make a list of great candidates and share them with the rest of the recruiters.

Market To These Candidates

A job’s application rate goes up by 34% when the recruiting firm posts a video about it. After identifying your prospects, it’s time to woo them. You can do that by implementing the best ways to market to them.

Identify the factors remote students are looking for – flexible hours, continuous assessments, great bonuses, exciting projects, and more. Whatever the challenges they face, your company must seem like their shining beacon of light, so go out there and do the necessary research to sign them up.

Assess Your Remote Undergrads

With the advent of recruiting technology, aptitude tests have become a great way to zero-in on the best candidates. You need to draw up an interviewing pathway that identifies the right techniques in each step of the process. This is a crucial step because you need to conduct an online technical screening test for your selected candidates.

You need to talk to the student and ask them if they’re comfortable undergoing an online interview. Close to 73% of candidates claim that searching for a job is one of the most stressful experiences in life. You need to make the candidate comfortable by outlining the entire interviewing experience for them. They need to know what to expect so they can mentally prepare.

Working on a platform that is comfortable for them is one of the best ways to go about as you can give them the reins of control. If they prefer Skype, then you could also adjust accordingly. Also, recruiting the right candidate becomes even easier because you have the option of conducting multiple rounds of interviews. This is one of the most significant advantages remote interviews have over the others, and you need to take advantage of it as well.

Virtual assessments also reduce any unconscious bias while selecting and save time in the recruiting process. You will be able to identify deserving candidates purely on merit, giving you the plaudits once they thrive in the company.

Final Thoughts

The time to adopt technology is upon us, but yet some companies use 20th-century models that rely on F2F interviews and other outdated methods. Reach out to companies like WeCP to understand the power of online recruitment tools and their true potential.

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