WeCP is To Recruiters What Canva is To Publishers

WeCP (We Create Problems) is a purpose-built tech recruitment solution, empowering recruiters to improve their tech talent acquisition.

Graphics used to be a nightmare for publishers.

They had to scout for good designers and pay them a small fortune. And finding skilled designers isn’t easy, either, nor is communicating your design concept.

Melanie Perkins, CEO of Canva, launched her graphic design platform to bridge this gap and save publishers thousands of dollars. Her revolutionary idea simplified the design process and empowered publishers, and the platform now stands at a few billion dollars in valuation.

Quite simply, Canva is the SaaS for publishers, just like Miro is the SaaS for growing teams. And WeCP is the SaaS for recruiters, solving one of the most significant hiring challenges – tech recruitment.

Why tech recruitment is the bane of recruiters

Have you ever met a driving instructor that can’t drive? Or an instructor that teaches a subject they never learned? Odds are, you haven’t.

But recruiters are expected to hire talent in fields they know little to nothing of.

They’re tasked with developing robust assessments to evaluate tech talent and asking the right screening questions to assess concepts.

It’s hard, to say the least, and you’ll often need to involve members of the tech team to design the recruitment process. The alternative is to learn more about tech, but that option isn’t practical – tech is an extremely diverse field that spans over 2000 roles.

So, given these challenges, we realized recruiters needed a SaaS solution that empowers their tech talent acquisition. The solution would need to streamline the hiring process and help hiring managers devise technical skills tests without subject-matter expertise.

And that’s why we built WeCP (We Create Problems).

How WeCP empowers tech recruitment

In its inception, WeCP (We Creat Problems) was a small company that sold high-quality tech assessment questions to recruiters. But our platform has since evolved into a full-fledged SaaS solution.

WeCP empowers tech recruiters in two core ways:

  • By providing them with the tools to create, conduct, and accurately grade technical assessment tests.
  • By streamlining recruitment processes through automation and robust technical functionalities.

And here’s more on how this methodology translates to the recruitment process.

The planning stage

The vital planning stage sets the tone of your evaluation process. In this stage, recruiters need to design accurate skills tests and screening formats to vet applicants.

You’ll need to outline structural specifics, determining factors such as:

  • Whether to conduct an initial phone screening or not.
  • How many interviewing rounds to conduct.
  • Which interview formats to leverage (e.g., asynchronous video, structured, or unstructured interviews).
  • How many coding challenges/skills assessments to conduct. You might want to conduct more than one round for broader talent pools to better evaluate top performers.

Recruiters are also tasked with designing the assessments. And because of the complexities of technical assessment tests, many recruiters work closely with tech team members to devise the exams.

But WeCP gives recruiters control over the crucial planning stage. Our skills assessment platform includes a repository of over 200,000 role-specific questions, helping you design custom skills tests.

You can design assessments tailored to the job’s requirements and evaluate candidates for their programming knowledge, programming skills, and familiarity with popular tech stacks.

External reliance is minimal – and recruiters can take back control.

The evaluation and reporting stage

If you’ve successfully navigated the planning and execution stages, the evaluation and reporting phases can still prove challenging. In this stage, recruiters have to assess talent pools and fairly score them.

Hiring managers have to make tough calls and identify the best talent. This decision-making process is taxing enough, but having to manually grade hundreds (or thousands) of assessments is simply exhausting.

And thus, we primed WeCP to help recruiters navigate this crucial stage, too. Our platform leverages Skill Maps to evaluate applicants across 12+ performance metrics and automatically scores each candidate after test completion. Recruiters can view automated reports to accurately, and objectively, compare top performers.

We help recruiters focus on decision-making by eliminating tedious, exhausting grading processes. Additionally, since WeCP’s scoring system is merit-based and automated, recruiters don’t need to fear unconscious hiring bias.

The result? Better hires, in less time, with less effort.

Empower your tech recruitment with WeCP

WeCP (We Create Problems) was purpose-built to improve recruiters’ lives, by giving them the necessary tools to acquire the best tech talent.

So if you’re looking to improve your tech hiring, consider scheduling a personalized demo with us. Give us a chance to show you why Fortune 100’s choose WeCP as their preferred tech recruitment partner.


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