WeCP named the biggest sponsor for XLRI 2022 Alumni Meet in Bangalore

Allow us to tell you about an exciting event that took place on 4th June 2022. But for context let’s backtrack a little.

Cue Flashback

The month of May:

One fine day when WeCP was having a team meeting, Abhishek (Co-founder) announced that we bagged the title of Premium Sponsor for XLRI Bang Summer Meet 2022. Ecstatic!

A brief history of XLRI Bang Summer Meet 2022:

It’s an annual XLRI alumnus meet held every summer hence the name and for this year it was hosted by XLRI Alumni Bangalore Chapter in ShangriLa Hotel, Bengaluru.

Night Before:

Running around preparing for the banners, digital creatives, and other accessories. Keep in mind that we are absolutely famished and sustaining through gallons of chai.

The D-Day

T-3 hours:

WeCP reached the venue. Set up the booth, arranged the goodie bags, set up the banners, and assorted the layout just like all the other sponsors. The event was dispersed in different areas of the hotel. Did we mention that our Co-founder had a shoe mishap? Minor crisis moment, but we managed it like a boss. Duh!

T-0 hours:

The moment has finally arrived. The hectic preparations leading up to this point were all going to be worthwhile.

  • Audiences started arriving shortly after the stalls were set up in the pre-function area. XLRI alumni were on the podium in the banquet hall marking the beginning of the entire formal session of the event. A LOT OF XLRI ALUMNI!
  • The formal session commenced with XLRI updates, recognitions, social initiatives, and sponsors displaying their testimonial videos of 60 seconds, aka sponsor activation. It proceeds to emcees asking questions to the audience, and whoever guesses the right answer gets rewards.
  • After the formal session, it was time for the informal networking session, and the sponsor zone was active for interactions. WeCP nailed it, and we might even have rolled in a few leads (keep an eye on  wecreateproblems.com for more).
  • Few special names because without their help, this would not have been possible. Check us out on LinkedIn for more.

Left-to-right: Neha NK, Priyanka KR, Christopher Anand, Abhishek Kaushik, Abhishek N, Diya Sarawagi

Left-to-right: Diya Sarawagi, Neha NK, Priyanka KR, Krish Shankar, Abhishek Kaushik, Abhishek N

  • After all that talking, it was time to recharge. The dining area was set up, and food and drinks were served.  
  • Now comes the DJ and Dance basically, the fun part took place in the banquet hall. A lot of dancing!
  • It’s time to go home, but not without a return gift. On the way out, guests were given goodie bags by XLRI. Overall a good time.

Until next time

It was an exhilarating experience, and events like this make us proud of the communities we have in the industry. It was an excellent achievement for WeCP to be named the event’s biggest sponsor. A heartfelt thank you to XLRI Summer Meet 2022, Bangalore.

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