WeCP Product Update 2021 – A Major Makeover🎉

Are you ready to be surprised?

This month is for the candidates. The entire candidate journey on WeCP has gone through an upgrade. From a revamped instructions page to a better feedback experience, here are your surprises from this November’s Product Update 👇

More intuitive and convenient home page

This one is for all minimalist design lovers. The new start test screen holds only what is necessary to help you quickly start with the assessment. Access to sample tests from the start page is a newly added feature for extra convenience.

System compatibility check in one click

Gone are the days when you were unsure about your network speed or system readiness. WeCP platform comes with a system readiness checklist that automatically checks your network, browser, device etc. to save you from inconvenience during the test.

Help article assistance during the test

Is it your first time taking a test on WeCP? No worries! Links to frequently used help articles and candidate support are right on your screen to help you with any navigation or technical issues.

Coders best choice - Dark mode is here

A dark code editor feels like home to a programmer. Doesn’t it? So, for the first time on WeCP, you can switch up your test environment from light to dark and feel comfortable with the test screen.

Automatic saving for answers

Tired of manual saving or checking for unsaved answers? We heard you! WeCP’s smart IDE is now updated to save answers for subjective and work sample type questions automatically every time you edit them.

Minimize distractions by the video window

There are other times to see a mirror but not when you are doing a test. WeCP’s minimize your video option enables you to focus better during the test a

Review test summary before you go

Sometimes you don’t want to let go of a question yet forget about it before ending the test. Therefore WeCP shows a summary of your completed, flagged or unattempted questions so that you are aware of your test performance.

Real-Time feedback form

After finishing the test you are redirected to a real-time feedback window. It’s easier to give feedback than before since you are done with a few questions.

That’s it for today! Apart from these our team also worked on performance improvements and loading speed.

WeCP(We Create Problems) has the largest library of technical skill assessment questions. It helps you in adopting a skills-based hiring strategy and optimizes your recruitment funnel. If you want to learn more about WeCP, schedule a demo today!


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