What is Developer Screening?

Accurately Challenge a Candidate's Knowledge With Live Coding Tasks

Developer screening is simply the pre-hiring vetting of software developers against their employability using an online coding test and real-world project. Developer screening helps recruiters identify best-fit candidates before the actual job interview.

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Four benefits of developer screening using coding tests

Reduce the strain

Reduce the strain on your engineering to do more screening without their involvement

Cut off top of the funnel

Cut off top of the funnel and thereby saving interviewers time

Expand the funnel

Expand the funnel to reach more candidates than ever before

Accurately check

Accurately check and challenge candidate’s knowledge and expertise before hiring

Challenges in Developer Screening without WeCP

Developers recruitment is filled with challenges like tech talent shortage, increasing competition in the talent market, continuously evolving technologies etc. But developer screening is the most persistent challenge in technical hiring. From creation to evaluation, developers assessment needs technical expertise at every step.

Set test duration

Evaluating multiple skills in one screening

For example, when assessing a MEAN Developer you have to look for skills like Angular, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Node.js, etc. An expert in all these skills will be required to create a high-quality assessment. Non-tech recruiters usually take their engineering teams bandwidth who are already occupied with their respective tasks.

Improve candidate participation, and experience

Creating the programming assessment framework

It is a tedious task to create a framework for distributing weightage and scoring different elements of a developer’s skill. Recruiters, hiring managers and the in-house developer’s team all need to sit together to create a skill-based screening framework for existing as well as future developer roles.

Set test duration

Manually screening one developer at a time

Since a developers role is highly skill-based, manual tech screening is not a good option, it’s time-consuming and prone to errors. You need a screening technology capable of scoring multiple metrics in bulk or you will be at high risk of losing top tech talent to a faster screening process.

Improve candidate participation, and experience

Ensuring the reliability of screening results

If you give developers a take-home coding project, you never know if they cheat or had someone else do it for them. Such developers are a bad fit for urgent tasks as they don’t have hands-on expertise. Without a screening tool that can verify and proctor the developers, the results are unreliable.

Why do recruiters choose WeCP to screen developers?


Ready to Use Skill Tests

WeCP’s advanced assessment technology sports more than 2000+ developer skills. From legacy to in-demand tech skills, you can assess developers for any tech skill like Ruby, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Data science and much more.You name it, we have it! WeCP question library is updated with 9000+ questions quarterly and allows recruiters to add their own questions as well.

Data-driven performance reports

WeCP auto generates bias-free evaluation reports for 12+ performance metrics including quantitative and qualitative skills such as accuracy of answers and chances of guesswork, developer’s focus, prioritization, approach, time spent on each question etc. The reports are detailed and easy to understand for non-tech recruiters as well.


Developer friendly test environment

WeCP creates a coding environment which developers are familiar with. Alike a real code editor, WeCP is also equipped with fully-functioning IDE with IntelliSense and distributed compilers, auto-complete feature and of course developer’s favourite dark mode.

WeCP For Candidate Screening

Join 100+ SaaS startups that use WeCP’s industry-leading technical skill assessment software to hire excellent tech team in no time. And, it’s free to use.

Easy customisation

Easy Customisation

Easily customize the technical assessment platform to suit your needs.

Hands-on tasks

Hands-on tasks

Know your candidate’s skills by actually doing the tasks.

AI Proctoring

WeCP’s advanced proctoring effectively prevents cheating during assessment tests.

Get Code Quality

Get Code Quality

Get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s coding skills.

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