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The Secret to Screening (Better) Candidates – Updated Question Banks!

The Secret to Screening (Better) Candidates – Updated Question Banks! - WeCP (We Create Problems) Blog

Today, we’re at crossroads with the onset of COVID-19. Companies are still looking for talent, but the mode of recruiting process has changed with many companies conducting remote interviews in place of face-to-face conversations.

While this change is a welcoming aspect, what still needs to revive is the way we evaluate our candidates. Many companies still ask the same redundant questions, and this isn’t a good practice. If you’re a recruiter and follow the above norm for screening candidates, here’s what could go wrong – You could end up with a candidate who will not likely make a good fit for the role, and this can hamper the growth of your company.

Asking the wrong questions can prove detrimental as they don’t evaluate the basic aptitude of a candidate properly. This is why there is a dire need to change the outdated and redundant interview questions and bring in relevant skill assessment tests to identify productive candidates from the rest.

Why is Proper Judgment of Skill an Absolute Must?

A good recruiter is known for his/her judgment or eye for talent. While asking generic questions to make the candidate comfortable is fine, you need to evaluate their analytical/creative/rational thinking side too!
That’s where the actual caliber lies, and to help you determine these skills better a question bank can come in handy.

Questions - The Backbone of Any Online Assessment Test

Before you or your recruiting team gets into any interview, keep a set of questions ready. These need to be related to the job and must be unique. Every job has its unique assessments, and the right questions will help you assess the candidate for the role better.

While it’s important to spend time incorporating the right set of questions during a test; what’s equally essential is to keep updating them after every interview to ensure their relevance at all times. This is where you can let WeCP assist you.

How WeCP Conducts Assessments for New-age Professionals

WeCP is a software platform that allows you to create, customize, and conduct interviews that can help you pick the most productive candidate for a role. That’s not all, though. With a sharp eye on changing skills/jobs in the industry, you can try their Question Creation Technology, which brings in a fresh wave of relevant, necessary, and most importantly, technologically-vetted questions for the technical screening of a candidate’s ability. Its features include –

1. Smart question library

Consider WeCP as a think tank where you have access to a question library, which is one of the most extensive and well-researched in the industry. With close to 5,000+ job role tests, you can assess any candidate’s ability 10x faster using the online assessment test software!

2. Candidate experience

To assess a potential employee better, you can give a test that matches a work-like environment to see if they can cope and demonstrate the necessary skill. You can do this via exercises in writing, coding, or debugging, and it can be customized to each company’s requirements.

3. Reports and insights

Once the candidate submits the test, the performance is tracked in-depth, and the reports are generated immediately. To ensure a fair process, you can rely on the software to detect plagiarism and monitor any real-time browser activity.

These benefits are sure to give you an edge not just in the hiring process but also clear the way for better interviewees coming in for the final round. Apart from the core-functionality, here are some of the product features that you can tap into for hassle-free hiring –

  • Auto Evaluators – State-of-the-art auto evaluation for MCQs, subjective questions, project-based assessments, and more
  • Real IDE – Cuts necessary time short by giving syntax suggestions to help candidates focus on logic
  • Video Proctoring and Load Balancing – Smart technology prevents malpractice, including copy-paste, tab change. The servers can also auto-balance depending on the load for a smoother online experience.
  • Code Playback and Smart Integrations – The software can patrol the internet or other candidate’s codes and cross-checks for authenticity. Smart integrations also ensure on-time tracking progress and help evaluate better candidates.

You can learn more about WeCP and how integrating your talent acquisition process with their software can help you hire freshers and upskilled candidates and contribute to better business growth.

Now that you know how the right questions play a massive role in recruitment, we hope that it helps you hire not just the right candidate, but a better employee. After all, the right candidate can fit into the mold of the role perfectly, ultimately helping your company soar high.

Hire the best candidates through technical screening using our platform WeCP and with technical recruiting experts at your service 24/7. Schedule a demo with WeCP.

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