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How WeCP Uncomplicates Technical Hiring – A Closer Look at Customer Success Stories

30% of the employee’s first-year salary.

That’s how much a bad hire can cost your company, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. And the expense can rise to $240,000, depending on the position and company. 

Why is this figure so high? Because the cost of a bad hire is not limited to the employee’s salary; it also includes the resources spent on sourcing, training, and onboarding. Moreover, this cost is not just limited to financial loss – considerable time is also spent hiring.

The bottom line is that a bad hire is bad news.

You can avoid poor tech hires by optimizing your organization’s recruitment funnel, but this feat isn’t easy to achieve. Recruitment funnels must be improved at every stage, from initial talent sourcing to making the offer.


Fortunately, tech recruitment software solutions can drastically improve your tech talent acquisition. These solutions optimize key stages of your recruitment funnel and streamline the hiring process, paving the way for better hires. 

Empowering tech recruitment with SaaS

Typical tech recruitment processes are complex with multiple stages. Tech roles are skills-orientated, and candidates must possess a variety of hard and soft skills to perform well. 

So, tech hiring processes involve some combination of behavioral interviewing, skills testing, and conceptual evaluation. For example, organizations might leverage structured interview formats, technical phone screenings, and technical skills assessment tests, among other tech hiring practices.

You can see why tech recruitment isn’t generally perceived as enjoyable. On the contrary, many recruiters dread the practice.

So, is there a way out? Can you optimize your tech recruitment process without being overwhelmed by the field’s great complexity?

Yes. And perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer lies in tech. Tech-enabled hiring solutions empower recruiters and streamline the tech recruitment process. They help you focus on scaling your hiring efforts, improving hiring speeds, and reducing costs without having to engross yourself in tech knowledge. 

We created WeCP (We Create Problems) as the simplest SaaS for tech recruitment. In effect, WeCP is to recruiters what Canva is to publishers.

WeCP’s integrated solution streamlines the screening, interviewing, and assessment processes. Every step from test creation to evaluation and reporting is streamlined and simplified.

The result? More scalable, agile, and reliable tech recruiting.

We’re on a mission to protect organizations from bad hires. And we’ve helped many leading companies solve their tech recruitment challenges.

The case for agile recruitment

In tech recruitment, hiring managers must balance thoroughness with agility. You might be inclined towards a long, multi-stage recruitment process, but bringing it to life presents a challenge. 

Designing assessment tests and structuring interviews takes significant time, especially if recruiters rely on in-house tech teams for guidance. 

Recruiters must optimize the planning, execution, and evaluation stages of tech recruitment collectively to achieve agility. And this is where WeCP makes its case for agile recruitment.

WeCP empowers tech recruiters by streamlining each stage of the tech recruitment process. With our rich question bank of over 0.2 million role-specific questions, you can design custom skills assessments in minutes. Our native testing environment also facilitates bulk assessments and provides recruiters with the necessary tools to optimize the candidate experience. 

WeCP’s testing platform also automates the evaluation process by scoring candidates against predefined criteria. As a result, recruiters can make hiring decisions based on data alone, by consulting candidates’ scores and performance across more than twelve metrics. And here’s what our friends at Quinnox have to say about us:

"Creating new tests was extremely simple and quick using templates. Test templates designed by WeCP content experts feels like a blessing. We could instantly set up the screening tests as per our hiring need. We aim to use WeCP for more technical roles and for advanced proctoring in the future."
Amodh Sinha
Senior Manager, Quinnox

Before partnering with WeCP, Quinnox relied on traditional hiring methods. The paper-pen-driven recruitment process was time-consuming and, consequently, difficult to scale. Thanks to WeCP, Quinnox is now observing 150% faster hiring times. 

Establishing a remote testing ecosystem

On-site testing environments are the previous norm – remote hiring only gained rapid traction following the global pandemic. However, the forced transition to virtual hiring made organizations realize the merits of remote hiring, including reduced costs, faster hiring times, and a potentially enhanced candidate experience.

But to be successful, remote hiring requires a suitable environment. Efficiency, fair play, and reliability must be guaranteed. Unfortunately, this is where many tech recruiters struggle.

How do you prevent cheating and guarantee fair evaluations? How do you provide candidates with a seamless experience?

We built WeCP to solve these problems by establishing a fully functional remote testing ecosystem. 

WeCP includes automated plagiarism detection, question shuffling, and integrated AI video proctoring with the option for human invigilation to ensure fair play

Creating a fair recruitment process doesn’t only help you secure better hires but also improves the candidate experience. Applicants can rest assured that they were judged fairly and the testing process’s sanctity is preserved. 

And thanks to automated scheduling and remote interviewing environments, recruiters can further evaluate individual applicants’ soft skills.

"We needed to ensure the online tests mimicked real examination centre experience, so that students could bring their best and pass purely on merit. Implementing WeCP was a game-changer. We successfully rolled out AI+Human led proctoring in most of our examinations which strengthened the trust of every stakeholder."
Keshav Agarwal
Ops Manager, UpGrad

UpGrad, a tech-learning platform, assessed 50K+ learners with the software solutions of WeCP. Compare that to its earlier score of assessing 300 learners a year, and you’ll see how WeCP took this company’s remote testing to a whole new level.

Hiring at scale

In tech, many organizations struggle with hiring at scale, regardless of the medium. Scaling both on-site and remote hiring efforts is costly and difficult to manage. In our experience, recruiters’ struggles span:

  1. The initial planning stage, where they must design role-specific assessments 
  2. The execution stage, which involves inviting candidates to sit the exam and guaranteeing a cheat-proof environment
  3. The evaluation and reporting stage, where recruiters must make informed hiring decisions

I have already brought your attention to how WeCP tackles each of these challenges, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the collective, resonant effect. By streamlining test creation, establishing a cheat-proof ecosystem, and automating the evaluation and reporting stages, organizations can scale their hiring efforts on an ad hoc basis.

If you suddenly need to expand your hiring efforts for a single role, WeCP’s automated scheduling and bulk assessment functionality respond accordingly. The platform is built to scale to your needs without any infrastructural limitations. 

WeCP’s automatic evaluation and reporting features also save recruiters from becoming overwhelmed by hiring surges. Should your organization expand its application pool, or expand its recruitment efforts, recruiters can set a passing threshold to segregate top performers.

This way, whether your talent pool consists of fifty or three hundred applicants, the evaluation process remains streamlined. You can reliably isolate the top percentile, and leverage custom performance reports to make quick, data-driven hiring decisions.

WeCP helped Toppr, India’s leading after-school learning app, scale its hiring by 500% and increase hiring speed by 18 times.

"The biggest challenge you guys solved for us was the scalability of our evaluation process and having automated plagiarism detection has really helped us. Also, the ease with which we can check for plagiarism is a big value addition."
Maitri Vohra
Talent Acquisition, Toppr

Uncomplicate your tech recruitment with WeCP

WeCP helps leading companies and Fortune 100s scale their tech recruitment and optimize talent acquisition. We help you streamline and automate tedious tasks so your hiring team can focus on making better hiring decisions.

We’re disrupting traditional hiring processes by automating mundane hiring tasks and shifting the focus towards data-driven decision-making.

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