Ultimate Guide to Hire MEAN & MERN Full Stack Developers

In recent years, hiring developers and tech professionals are becoming challenging and competitive for organizations. There is a significant increase in full-stack developers by 30% in recent years i.e., an increase in more job opportunities.

The main challenge for a recruiter is to find qualified candidates for the job vacancy. Some recruiters attempt to upgrade and automate the recruitment process but using inefficient technology has not benefited in any way.

However, an inefficient screening process, insufficient technical evaluation, and not properly designed coding questions deprive organizations of the most deserving candidates.

In this article, we’re going to explore how to source, screen, interview, and hire Full stack developers.

Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is one capable of developing applications on mobile, web, and desktop. They are familiar with backend, front-end, databases, and servers along with hosting environments.

A MEAN stack developer develops applications using a framework based on JavaScript. The open-source stack helps developers by providing scalability and flexibility.

A MEAN stack developer uses:

  • MongoDB database management system that helps to store and retrieve data.
  • Express JS is a framework on top of Node to make a request and respond to a database.
  • Angular JS is a framework to make requests and display results to the user.
  • Node JS to handle client and server requests.

MERN stack developer develops applications using a library called React. The stack helps developers by providing high performance because of Virtual DOM and JSX making it much faster than other frameworks.

MERN stack developer uses the same components, with React replacing Angular. React allows developers to create UI components and handle rapidly changing data.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Deployment of Web applications on the cloud along with solving debugging issues.
  • Making use of front-end frameworks like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Developing back-end for Web applications.
  • Design user interactions for the web pages.
  • Deployment and integration of development tools.
  • Server management and cloud infrastructure.
  • Perform Unit and Integration testing on applications.

How to find a MEAN/MERN Full-Stack Developer?

Advertising jobs online on various job boards is one of the most effective candidate sourcing techniques. In recent times, recruiting on social media platforms is also an effective candidate sourcing technique.

LinkedIn, Naukri, and AngelList have grown as social media platforms that identify potential candidates for tech recruitment.

Apart from social media platforms, tech communities are also a source of potential candidates for tech roles:

  • GitHub is an online coding platform for software developers and engineers that help the recruiter to find candidates for tech roles.
  • Stack Overflow is a Q&A site for programmers and recruiters can filter candidates based on their requirements.

Campus recruitment is a strategy for sourcing, screening, and onboarding potential candidates for tech roles. Some industries like manufacturing, engineering, and finance actively participate in campus recruitment. Apart from campus recruitment, Career Fairs, Boot Camps and Hackathons help recruiters identify potential candidates for tech roles.

The talent acquisition team should maintain a database of candidates who applied previously or sourced through a different channel. There are good chances of coming across good candidates from this talent pool. It is much easier to connect with candidates when there is an opening.

Many organizations have successfully recruited potential candidates through an employee referral program. For every successful referral, employees can be rewarded with a referral bonus which is a great way of employer branding.

Being a part of a recruiter network can be a great source for sourcing candidates. These networks will have a huge talent pool of active and passive candidates. This talent pool will be updated on regular basis.

When sourcing for a full-stack developer, you need to look for certain qualities and technical skills.

Qualities of a Full-Stack Developer

  • A full-stack developer should have knowledge about the latest trends and technologies for both client-side and server-side.
  • A full-stack developer must be able to analyze information and make decisions that help in achieving efficiency.
  • A developer should be able to test and debug code.
  • A full-stack developer should be able to build POCs (proof of concepts) and provide optimal solutions for the stakeholders.
  • A developer must be able to complete tasks within the deadline.
  • A full-stack developer must have the creativity to design and implement web applications.
  • A full-stack developer should have strong organizational and project management skills.
  • A full-stack developer should have an understanding of front-end and back-end languages.

Required Technical Skills for a MEAN/MERN Full-Stack Developer

Let’s have an extensive look at all the technical skills required for a MEAN/MERN full-stack developer.

Front-end Languages


These are front-end programming languages that help developers design web applications. HTML provides structure and CSS provides a presentation to a web page. A full-stack developer must be proficient in HTML and CSS for developing web applications.


It is mainly involved in enhancing user interactions with the application. It has many libraries and frameworks like React and Angular. A full-stack developer must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of JavaScript and its various frameworks.

Backend Languages


It is an open-source, cross-platform environment that allows developers to create server-side tools and applications.


It is an object-oriented, interpreted programming language. It is mostly used because of its flexibility and ease of use. Django and Flask are popular frameworks used for creating web applications.

C# Language:

It is also one of the preferred backend programming languages for environments like Windows.

Database Management System

A full-stack developer needs to write a query to fetch data from tables and databases. The most commonly used database system are MySQL, MongoDB, and SQL Server.

Version Control

It helps in keeping a record of project files and track of user activities. Most commonly used are Git and GitHub. Git helps the user in managing project files and keeping a track of user activities. GitHub is a web-based service that provides version control using Git.

Web Hosting Platforms

A full-stack developer must know about a hosting application on cloud-based infrastructures like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

How to screen for MEAN/MERN Full stack developer?

Recruiters should try to reduce the dependency on a resume while screening for tech roles. Resumes are not a true indicator of technical skills for a developer. Indicators of good programming skills are exposure to different technology and previous projects.

Technical assessment is the most crucial step in the recruitment process. Conducting an algorithmic test for assessing a full-stack developer is not the best option. Instead, try giving a real-life problem and assess the problem-solving capability of the candidates.  

What is Coding Skills Assessment?

Analyzing and scrutinizing programmers’ coding skills has been an integral part of the technical recruitment process.  Knowledge of how to assess programming skills whether backend or frontend, is fundamental to any successful technical recruitment process.

Coding skills assessment is a method of analyzing and evaluating technical skills and experience against a set of pre-defined parameters. A coding test is the most efficient way to screen developers before hiring. It provides a model for analyzing and hiring qualified developers.

Programming assessment tests help recruiters understand the candidate’s real capability to learn and comprehend. It provides insights into how the candidates apply their knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of their technical capabilities.

Candidates should code real practical problems that they encounter in the company such as bugs in defective code or synchronizing an application. Recruiters use an online platform to organize programming tests that automatically evaluates candidates’ skills.

Positive Impacts of using Coding Assessment

  • It provides an accurate overview of performance that helps to evaluate candidates.
  • It also helps in finding a suitable candidate faster, thereby improving the quality of hire.
  • It ensures hiring decision is based on data and not on assumption or intuition.
  • Recruiters assess candidates with limited knowledge, coding assessment help shortlist and evaluate candidates fairly without any prejudice.
  • Coding assessments reduce the strain on various resources by speeding up the filtering and recruitment process.

Integrated Online Platform - WeCP

A coding assessment platform is a software that provides a coding environment to help recruiters analyze coders’ skills and knowledge.  Candidates’ code is automatically analyzed and evaluated on performance metrics like readability, code design, and understanding of the language.

WeCP makes it easy to plan and execute hiring, from creating assessments for bulk applicants to evaluating their skills. It helps recruiters at every stage of recruiting like planning, execution, and evaluation.

Our platform is dynamic, comprehensive, user-friendly, and easy to use for both candidates and recruiters. A recruiter should be able to schedule tests and screen candidates based on performance.

It not only increases hiring convenience but also improves candidates’ experience. Moreover, recruiters need not involve in the process, they can focus on making hiring decisions.

How to Assess in the Interview?

After conducting a technical assessment, recruiters will be able to identify ‘technically’ qualified candidates. Apart from technical skills, it is important to assess a few things:

  • Motivation and Competencies.
  • Ability to handle uncertainty.
  • Interest to learn and explore new things.
  • Understands business needs and customers’ requirements.

There are two types of questions that the interviewer asks candidates: behavioral and situational.

What are Behavioral Questions?

Behavioral questions focus on how a candidate can handle various situations in the workplace. These questions analyze a candidate’s past behavior and experience relevant to the job. It helps recruiters to understand about candidate’s skill, personality, and character.

Understanding a candidate’s past behavior can help predict future job performance and whether a candidate will be a valuable asset to the company.

What are Situational Questions?

Situational questions are those where candidates are given a hypothetical or imaginary situation. These questions analyze a candidate’s problem-solving capabilities and analytical thinking.

Skills to Test for an Entry Level Full-Stack Developer Role

When hiring an entry-level developer, it is important to test candidates on their proficiency in the front-end and backend. The candidates should have a clear understanding of JavaScript Frameworks. In addition, they should be familiar with databases.

Skills to Test for a Junior Full-Stack Developer Role

Here, a candidate should be able to write readable and optimized code in any front-end or backend language. The candidate should have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript frameworks like Angular and ReactJS. In addition to this, they should have a clear understanding of databases and version control.

Skills to Test for a Senior Full-Stack Developer Role

Here, a candidate should have a strong foundation in front-end and back-end languages. They should be good at error handling and debugging. They should also be able to handle complex SQL queries that require query handling. In addition to this, they should have a clear understanding of how to deploy an application on a cloud platform.

Onboarding a MEAN/MERN Full Stack Developer

Onboarding is the process of introducing an employee to the organization. It is also introducing them to the tools, teams they will be working with and the culture of the company. Onboarding can be of different types: presentations, meetings, games, and skits.

Companies that have an engaging onboarding program retained 91% of their 1st – year workers. New hires who had a well-structured onboarding program were 69% more likely to remain in the same company.

There are some suggestions to ensure smooth onboarding of a developer:

  • The Onboarding process should be simple. It is important to keep the new employee comfortable and happy. Keep the communication always open. Provide detailed information regarding the tools, procedures, and actions to be taken in case of trouble.
  • Promote and encourage an active employee community where every employee has a chance to know each other and contribute to the company culture.
  • It is also equally important to have the best tools so that the new employees can receive effective and proper training.
  • Regularly revise the management policies concerning the welfare of employees.
  • It is also important to give some time for the new hire to get accustomed to the culture and environment.

Cost to Hire MEAN/MERN Full Stack Developer

The cost of recruiting a full-stack developer can be high.  Without proper budget and planning, it is not possible to hire a developer whose skills haven’t been verified.  The cost depends on many factors: Expertise, Experience, Location, and Market Conditions.

Freelancer is cost-effective but there can be problems in terms of security and confidentiality. There can also be other problems in terms of control, geographical conditions, and culture.

In-House Full stack developers can be expensive and it depends on factors like expertise, experience, and market conditions. But it comes with stability, security, and data confidentiality.

Evaluating Candidates for Full-Stack Developer Role with WeCP

WeCP is a tech recruitment platform for conducting technical screenings, remote interviews, and skills assessment tests. Our platform reduces the strain on the in-house technical team and the cost involved in hiring a viable candidate through:

Optimized Testing Strategy

WeCP is a leading tech recruitment solution that allows recruiters to design customizable programming skill assessments.  Whether you are conducting MCQ questions or programming questions, the questions must be unique.

Each question should help the recruiter analyze the problem-solving capabilities and expertise of the candidates.

WeCP’s repository contains over a million questions for assessing over 2000 tech skills, with specific questions for MEAN and MERN. You can customize your coding test for different programming languages like Java and Python.  

Evaluation and Feedback

WeCP is an efficient technical screening tool filtering the qualified candidates with 1000+ tests and 12+ metrics to hire tech talent with a pre-built and customizable library of tests.

Our platform analyzes candidates’ performance and provides detailed reports that are easy to understand for non-technical recruiters.

WeCP platform integrates with popular solutions ATS and LMS to generate reports. It compiles the most potential candidate performance data, allowing recruiters to make data-driven decisions.

Proctoring and Monitoring

WeCP’s testing environment comes with an essential proctoring setting to ensure integrity and fair testing. Depending on the requirements, the recruiter can adjust the proctoring settings.

Recruiters can adjust the proctoring settings like force full-screen browser, email watermarking, video proctoring, disable external copy/paste, etc.

Plagiarism and fraud detection acts as a cheat-proof layer, ensuring the candidates’ answers are unique. It can be enabled with proctoring settings like disabling external copy/paste and Log-out of tab activities.

Hire a MEAN & MERN Full-Stack Developer

Landing the best tech talent shouldn’t have to be complex and tedious. WeCP believes in making technical hiring meaningful and straightforward by helping you plan reliable skills assessments and technical interviews for any tech requirement.

Schedule a demo with us today! For more information, visit WeCP.

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